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Tax Help and Assistance

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Don’t waste time worrying about your tax… concentrate on your business… The Real Business recovery Tax Help and Assistance team have many years experience of dealing with HM Revenue & Customs.

Additionally, with the support of Real Business recovery, we are perfectly positioned to help all Companies, whatever financial difficulties they are experiencing by providing expert Insolvency and Business rescue advice & support.

Our team has years of experience in dealing with all areas of tax solutions, including;

  • Unpaid income tax,
  • Unpaid Corporation tax
  • PAYE arrears
  • VAT arrears
  • Any other debts to HM Revenue & Customs

Are you up to date with your tax liabilities?

Have HM Revenue & Customs commenced legal proceedings against you or have you received a tax bill that you’re struggling to pay… either way, Real business recovery tax help and assistance can help.

Once appointed, our team will commence negotiations with HMRC to enable you to once again focus on running your business without pressure from the HMRC.

The tax help and assistance process has assisted numerous companies to avoid formal insolvency, continue to trade and thrive in the knowledge that your tax arrears are being dealt with by our expert team.

How does the tax help and assistance process work?

  1. STAGE ONE:      
    A free telephone consultation to ascertain your requirements
  2. STAGE TWO:     
    We perform an initial review of your current trading position to highlight the actions necessary to resolve the issues you are facing.
  3. STAGE THREE:    
    We prepare all the necessary financial statements that are required to enable us to negotiate with HMRC
  4. STAGE FOUR:    
    We agree an arrangement which satisfies HMRC and enables you to continue to trade.
  5. STAGE FIVE:      
    We monitor & administrate the plan through to completion, ensuring the success of the agreement and re-negotiating with HMRC where necessary.

What are the fees & charges?

There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Once we’ve assessed your requirements, we can ascertain the amount of work involved to complete the tax help and assistance process and provide you with a quote for our services & disbursements etc.

We treat each of our client’s uniquely and provide a bespoke service. The level of fees is therefore commensurate with the work involved. We do not operate a fixed fee structure or calculate our fees based on the total level of debt.

Simply complete the form below and we will assess your position.

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